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Hey Everyone!

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there during your art class today. Please be on your best behavior for the substitute, I hope to hear good reports when I get back! I'll see you in class next week with our next project!

1st Grade

Please find a piece of paper and a pencil and get ready to draw! Keep your voices low so that everyone can hear the video. When you are all finished you may color!

You may choose any videos you'd like, and complete as many as you can before the class is over.

How to Draw an Autumn Bird

How to Draw a Cute Fox

How to Draw an Autumn Bear

How to Draw Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

3rd Grade

Please complete the packets that are given to you, if you finish or prefer you can work on coloring the books that you started the last time I was absent. I got an awesome report from your class last time so keep it up! Next week we will finish our paintings!

Here's some background music if you'd like to play it while you're working!

4th and 5th Grades

The last time I was absent you were given books with your names on them all about the elements of art. I looked through them and noticed no one did their work, so this time while I am out you will be working on these books. I expect to see both the front and back colored, the first two pages colored and some of the pages on the inside worked on. We've just finished our elements of art project so you should be well aware of what they are.... if not READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!!

Ms. Shimp's Class you are expected to sit in your assigned seats. 

White Table: 

Kaleb , Christian, Declan

Black Table: 

Gavin, Lorraine, Makena

Blue Table:

Isaiah, Aliyah, Aubree

Yellow Table: 

Liam, Malia, Tamera

Grey Table: 

Jorian, Alexandra, Zaki

Purple Table: 

Chase, Madison, Marina

Orange Table: 

Nathan, Zara,

Red Table: 

Brandon, Gabrielle, Lily

Green Table: 

Jasi, Asher, Carter

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